Primarily Aztec

Posted on Jan 20, 2015

Hey everyone! How was your 3 day weekend? I spent my time at home, watching Netflix reading and  online shopping. I was shopping at again lol. I finally found a reasonably priced hate and I hope it fits! I also started journaling again and I'm attempting yoga to start yoga! :P. On Sunday I went out for the first time since I've been back and it was really fun! I can't believe it's almost February...the summer semester will sneak up on me I can already tell.
Well I took these photos during Christmas break as well and I you can probably tell that there's a "Christmas vibe" to this outfit. However I believe my white kimono and red flats make it more of a casual/everyday look. 

Black Crop Top | Boohoo
Red Skirt | Oasap
White Aztec Kimono | Oasap
Red Shoes | Forever 21
Gold Coin Necklace | Forever 21
  1. very nice and nice and cute...

  2. Lovely outfit, you look great!! <3

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  3. super outfit:) xx

  4. Such a cute look! I love the red flats! I definitely have to get a pair soon, lol. I've been wanting to try yoga but knowing myself, I won't do any type of physically activity if I don't have cute workout clothes lol ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  5. Love the outfit and love your hair :)

  6. you look so beautiful

  7. Cute crop top. Love the blanket cardi too, i'm obsessed with these atm!

    I enjoyed this post, I'd love if you popped over to see mine sometime.

    Georgi xx

  8. love this look! i'm so into cropped tops with a high neckline, they look so chic!

    xo, Carla

  9. You outfits are always amazing, wish it was weather here in Denmark to wear something like this :)

  10. Such a cute outfit. I like your crop top skirt combo :)

  11. Loving the outfit dear!
    Your hair is absolutely amazing!

  12. I love the red skirt teamed with the monocrome black and white, The large gold statement necklace finishes the look off perfectly. This large statement jewellery pieces suites you perfectly